Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Order to the chaos...

I feel like I'm super busy, running around doing stuff, but not really accomplishing a whole lot. The preparation should end and the work should begin. Keyword: 'should'.

I've picked up a few books with tips on organizing the house & the office, but haven't read either. My house is chaos. My multiple email accounts and social network accounts are in need of some deleting. Why do I save more than delete? My websites are getting updated/fixed and "that book" I started writing a year or two ago hasn't been modified in Word for sometime.

This is all going on despite of all the things I've bought or done in preparation to clean out my email, update my sites, & write. 24 hours a day isn't enough. And I'm just a bachelor.

I can't imagine how crazy my life would be like if I were married with kids, sure my priorities would change - yet I feel like the chaos would never-end. In the meantime, my cat snoozes while I write my blog in my cluttered room filled with things I need to look over to keep or toss or utilize. At least I use my planner and even picked up an organizer software program which ended up having some sort of bug so I get to deal with trying to return software. I wasn't that impressed with it and would rather have my money back. Say, "Good luck with that." Just one more thing to keep from doing something more important.

I feel like screaming "Order" - somehow magicially getting filing system or post it notes like Jim carey does in "Bruce Almighty". Remember that scene?

I know this 'part of life' won't end, there will always be multiple things pulling our time and thoughts. If, by chance, I get to the point where I can look around at an organized area, simply sit down without multiple distractions, I may just be able to accomplish what I really want to accomplish in life. Yet, even those accomplishments I want to pursue change as much as my to do list changes. I'd make a list now, but that would be another list I'd want to update tomorrow.

Making a to do list of to do lists makes me feel like I'm cleaning soap. Is it really necessary?

Writing, is always a work in progress.
Organization, is always a work in progress.
Progress, is always a work in progress.
Life, is always a work in progress.

Of course I was at Barnes & Noble today and I picked up Wide Awake: The Future Is Waiting Within You by Erwin Raphael McManus and read a bit of the intro... McManus writes, "The future is not waiting for us, it is waiting within us."

I didn't buy the book, that is the last thing I need - another book on my shelf. Yet, now I would love to take a break from the chaos and read it.

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