Thursday, June 19, 2008

Customer service...

Seeing this "Customer-service horror stories" article on MSN reminded me of my experience on Sunday.

Normally I don't call/write and complain to places because I've been in their shoes; I put in my two years at a fast food restaurant back in my high school days. But some places warrant a complaint.

On Monday, I filled out my third complaint at the company's site, my third time doing this at two different places with equally bad service.

For Father's Day, I took my dad to dinner at his favorite place. We arrived about 6pm, but the place really wasn't that busy, however it still took about 10 minutes at a fast food place to get our meals.
1. My dad and I were going to dine in, but originally they had it prepared to-go. They carelessly placed everything on the tray and handed it to me.
2. They left out an item from both our meals, when I asked for it, they reluctantly handed them to me without apology.
3. I was missing dip with my order, when I asked for it, (again) they reluctantly handed it to me without apology, as if I was lying about not receiving the dip.
4. My meal was pretty well burnt, they tasted okay, but they looked nothing like the picture in the window as you walked into the restaurant.
5. As we left, to add insult to injury I received a very unfriendly look (quite the frown) from one of the employees who could have easily said, "Thanks for coming in!"
After my complaint was filed Monday, I received a call with an apology from corporate who offered a few meal vouchers.

On another note, my bad service streak my have ended. For about a month, every time I went out (to different places mind you) I would always receive my order with at least one thing not correct. It was sadly funny as I continued to go to different places and then quickly check the mirror to make sure "mess up my order" wasn't written on my forehead.

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