Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to save a life...

No, not the song by The Fray

I'm talking about:
Life Restoring
Life Crashing
Life Backups
Life Saving
Life _______.

A techie at work had a Maxtor (company makes external hard drives and other things) shirt on with the tagline: Save Your Life.

So I thought, of course – I've had my hard drive crash, I've had my hard drive restored. Some of my "life's" work is on my hard drive. Recently, I found a good deal on a 'My Book' – so part of my life is backed up on a machine (books, screenplays, and other writing). Too bad my head can't connect directly that machine, but maybe in the future.

Machines and technology are great when they work. But when my hard drive was restored after being repaired and returned to me, I learned the value of backing up and saving that part of my life.

As a Christian, I can say with confidence that Jesus is my hard drive – my life saver
MyG(OD) sure beats my 250G(ig) external drive.
One came to die for us and the other came with a five year warranty offer.
One is free (if you believe and accept) and the other was $70 (if you send in a rebate form).
One is found at anywhere (thanks Angie) and the other was found at Office Depot.
One has a plan for me while the other just sits there and waits to take in data.
One restores my soul while the other restores my data.
While it is true that both are available when 'life' crashes - the hard drive is only temporary.
One is truly, external...
One is truly, eternally... LIFE SAVING.
- - -
My pastor read this - then emailed me and said, "I'm sure glad I'm in the eternal hard drive business."

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Anonymous said...

What great thoughts and contrasts, Chad! I especially like, "One has a plan for me while the other just sits there and waits to take in data." The latter is like so many religions--nothing personal. Just rules. But I've gotta disagree with you on one point, or perhaps just say it falls a bit short. :) Thankfully God's not just found in church. He's a bit bigger than that and can be found by a hike on Mt. Everest as easily as a snorkeler in the Mediterranean. How glad I am for that! Some of my favorite part s of the Bible were all the unlikely places people were when they encountered Jesus.