Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In the land of women...

No, I'm not referring to the movie.

After work, I dropped by Borders bookstore in hopes of getting an autographed copy of Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich for a friend. Last summer I started reading One for the Money, but never finished it. She is a very clever writer. Her fiction books aren't usually the type of books I read.

Had I been more prepared I would have brought my copy of her book, How I Write, but I would have been out of luck getting it signed.

Once I got to the bookstore, I noticed that there wasn't a parking space in sight. Once I walked into the bookstore, I noticed the ratio of men to women. For every man, there were probably 50 women. Yup, about 4-5 guys there. Do the math.

I'd been to a few book signings for Tosca Lee, but I'd never seen this many people. Hopefully one day Tosca can have a store full of people waiting to have their book signed. It will happen very soon. Oh yeah, eventually & hopefully for me too!

Also... wishful thinking, I'd have a lot of women at my book signings too!

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