Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's a wonderful wireless world...

I decided to escape the house and 'those' distractions (TV, movies, naps, cleaning) and come to Panera Bread to work on some different projects while surrounding myself with other distractions (customers, coffee, & conversation).

It is a wonderful wireless world...
I connected my computer's internet to Panera's wi-fi.
My wireless mouse is charged and connected.
If anyone calls me, I can talk to them on my Bluetooth.

I am connected yet disconnected all at the same time. I came by myself and I sit at a small table at the corner of the restaurant next to an outlet. I make eye contact with a few customers and they return the same. Most customers came for lunch, I came for the ambiance and wi-fi (as well as a coffee & bagel).

What is the point of this blog? Umm... I don't know really. Do all blogs really have to have a point?

I'm wondering what other parts of my life will go wireless in the future.

Okay... I better get to "work" (ahh... if only this was my everyday office)

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Renzer said...

i say all the time i am connected by yet disconnected to the outside world... amen for another person with the same "connective" qualities.