Friday, January 25, 2008

R and R and R and...

reading and (w)riting and rest and...

Another upcoming weekend:
Weather is supposed to be nice(r) than it has been. This may mean that I can finally get rid of the sheet of ice that has been sitting on my driveway for way too long. This weekend I have my usual list of things to do. Mostly fun things, but as always – bills have to be paid, a letter to grandma to write, etc.

As usual I have an overflowing pile of things I want to read, then overdue writing to re-attempt. Also, I'll be reading Eric's updated version of "Life Unattended" - meanwhile starting on a new screenplay which is currently untitled. You know me (well, maybe you don't), I can't have just one project.

I think some house cleaning is in order as rumor has it, my mom is coming to visit some people around here.

Of course there is guys' movie night to attend and maybe some Wii to play. Ya just never know what my weekend be like. Hopefully I can fit in a nap and then before I know it – I'll be right back to the office.

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