Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Been awhile...

I haven’t blogged much lately (sorry, for you fans out there). Not much is new (or exciting) and I’m busy doing the same old stuff.

I’m having lunch with my dad and aunt today. Something to look forward to. I think my aunt is even buying.

Father’s day is coming up. This year esp I need to remember my mom who will experience her first Father’s Day without her dad. I can’t imagine…

My Dad (aka Pops) is a pretty resourceful and knowledgeable man. He’s a goof – I’ll give him that. I can never find a card fitting enough, given – I should probably write my own card – so, maybe I will.

Last night after mowing, I turned on my sprinklers, my lawn is in dire need of some water. I was already sweaty so I ran through the sprinklers, it was fun. Then I realized my neighbor had been watching. She needed my attention because I guess the control box in my back yard controls her system too – very odd. I think I have hers set right now.

Oh yeah, Alexander Payne requested a copy of “Halfway Point” – a while back. I need to get to Eric’s and grab a copy to drop in the mail before ‘Alex’ loses interest. Maybe I'll thrown in some of our short films too!

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