Sunday, September 04, 2011


A few months ago, I booked a trip on Southwest to visit a former roommate who now lives in Chicago.

I flew out on Saturday, August 27th in the wee early hours. Once landing, John picked me up & we were off to downtown Chicago. A riverboat tour was in order. We purchased the tickets early & grabbed breakfast at The Corner Bakery. While sitting outside in beautiful 75 degree weather, we caught up on life as well as a car commercial being shot. Since we still had more time to kill we walked down Michigan Avenue & ended up at Niketown.

Finally at 11:30, on the boat tour, I took various photos of the buildings in Chicago, the boat tour was architecture based. I'll post some of those pictures eventually. We then caught a movie and went to a networking event at Chicago Booth where John attends. The drinks & food were free, so I went. After all, there was a big bowl of guacamole I couldn't pass up. After that we went south and attended a wine & cheese party at the parents' of the intern at John's company Astute-Games which sells the ultimate card game dabong!

On the way home, John got pulled over. We "somehow" ended up in the back of a cop car. As "they" say, it was just a little "misunderstanding." Eventually we went home. John's business partner Kilton picked up some White Castle, we ate & caught up until about 1am.

Sunday morning I woke up way too early. We hit a favorite Mexican place of John's and then then the grocery store for a grill out we were having later that night.

Sunday night we grilled out. One of the guys that came, John Jaquish who created a bioDensity machine brought some Belgian Waffles. These things were amazing. If you know my love for cheesecake, these waffles are right up there. Delicious doesn't quote cover it. More people came & we all sat around the tables & told stories. These stories included: shocknifes, nickel titanium alloy, serial killers, movies, fireflies, unicorns, & police cars.

Monday was a great day to sleep in. We then hit Yolk's for breakfast and saw his office area, and also where 5 Degrees resides.

We then took in a bus tour of the city, we stopped at Navy Pier for a bit. We stopped for lunch at Al's #1 Italian Beef. Originally, I was wanting a "Chicago Style Hot Dog", but ended up with a big beef sandwich. Messy. Good. Repeat messy.

Finally it was time to take me back to the airport. After a flight delay I was back home to Omaha.

A great trip in all. Met some great people. My re-return will have to be longer.


Angie said...

So very cool! Glad you got to go!

Chicago Charters said...

Chicago is the best place ever.