Sunday, April 03, 2011

Things I know to be true...

List writing idea prompt'd by Sarah Kay's speech at TED.

10 Things I Know to be True...
  1. God

  2. God has a plan for every life He created

  3. She is out there (I will find her or she will find me)

  4. I need to write more, consistently

  5. I have more mistakes to learn from

  6. Amazing stories (and personal growth) come out of times when a risk was taken

  7. We spend much of our time and energy negotiating, rationalizing, and justifying our actions and our choices

  8. Life has the ability to change directly in front of us without our permission or any warning

  9. There's always another point of view to consider

  10. The joys in life's journey are often hidden in a landscape we can't always see...

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Renzer said...

there needs to be a "like" button. enjoyed that.