Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beach House Vacation

I had been long overdue for a vacation. My friend CJ invited me to his Pensacola beach wedding & after I worked out some logistics, mainly with getting time off - I booked my flight. It was a 1/2 wedding trip, 1/2 vacation and a well-needed break.

Okay, my dear reader: I won't bore you with a play-by-play of the trip, but I'll highlight some bits.

John & I flew in on Saturday and were picked up by CJ & (his then soon-to-be-wife) Jeanann in her mom's Mustang convertible.

A few handfuls of people (referred to now as 'the gang') rented out a beach house, it was a great change from a typical motel. From the back porch, was a beach and a body of water. It was a great place to eat & watch the sunset & even a bowl of Frosted Flakes. My friend John & I took a few pics of other odd looking and sweet looking beach houses around the area. I might have to get myself one. Who wouldn't want a vacation home?

The beach wedding was a few miles from the beach house. An almost random spot picked, was a beautiful background for the wedding. I had never been to a beach wedding before; I give it two thumbs up! After the wedding, we went to Flounders restaurant, they had some of the best fish I've ever had and I'm not even big on eating fish.

'The 'gang' play a few games of beach volleyball that day and the next and later foosball & pool at a local tavern.

On one of the afternoons, 'the boys' (and a girl) from 'the gang' rented 4 jet skis for an hour. I think all of us tipped over at some point, but mine was pretty sad since I was at a stand still when I tipped over.

We took 3 trips just on the beach and played Frisbee and catching sea shells & even at one point, a crab. I even made a sad attempt at building a sand castle.

Pensacola & all the views never got old.

I bought a pair of sunglasses that broke way too early.

On the last day, we went to see the Blue Angels practice their air show. There was quite a crowd for just a practice. Then we went to the National Aviation Museum & I picked up some astronaut ice cream. It wasn't as good as I remember having it in elementary school.

All in all, I'm sure I could have spent a lot more time in Pensacola with the gang, hanging out in the beach, & enjoying the view!

Now, I should start thinking about my next vacation...


Angie said...

So glad you got away! Loved hearing about it and look forward to Skyping with you sometime this weekend!

Renzer said...

ah so very cool. almost as if i were there, BUT BUT WASN'T!