Friday, March 19, 2010

The pump next to mine

Over lunch today, I ran a few errands which including getting gas.

I pulled into my usual gas station and began the process of pumping gas when the guy at the pump next to mine struck up a conversation. I have a few takeaways from that conversation.
I'd say he was in his 50s, he looked a bit like a band member from ZZ Top.
I didn't catch his name or why he told me all this, all I could do was nod at the bits of information he was telling me.

He didn't seem drunk or high. He sure thought his whole story was funny.

From what I understood of his random story was this:
1. He remembers when the gas station used to be a carnival and how there was four gas stations on the corner.
2. He remembers having some form of hepatitis that summer he came to the carnival where we standing.
3. He remembers paying a quarter to see some type of freak show, but having to go home sick.
4. He remembers being as yellow as the cement post he pointed out by the windshield cleaner next to the pump
5. He remembers walking up the hill in pain (he pointed east)
6. He then told me to have a good day

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Renzer said...

classic! love it