Friday, January 15, 2010

Food Service...

I've never been a waiter. Like many, I believe that not all days are the best. I had a few bad days working at a fast food restaurant when I was younger. However, if you are a reader of my blog, you know I have knack for always having odd food service experiences. (I need to find & tag them all).

Here is today's:
I went to a sit down restaurant to have lunch & read a magazine. The hostess ushered me to a booth. I had about 5 minutes to study the menu before the waiter arrived.

I ordered ice tea & a water and their combo sandwich, salad, & dessert.
I asked to have the salad before the sandwich, he nodded and took the menu and I began to read my magazine.

He brought the salad and sandwich to my table, without the drinks.
I finished my salad and asked for the drinks which he finally brought without apology.

I finished the sandwich and the drinks which all remained empty on the table even after he brought my dessert.

Then I went to a gas station for afternoon munchies and I asked for a sack for my misc items, but got none until I asked again and I said no need for a receipt, but I got one anyway.

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