Saturday, January 16, 2010

Books vs Cigarettes

My good pal Mike & I banter back & forth about our habits.

He, smokes.
I, buy books to fill my bookshelf. Reading them is another 'story'.

Similar to a compare & contrast I did regarding his shopping cart & my shopping basket at Wal*Mart, I decided to do the same with cigarettes & books.

This will be an ongoing blog post in progress, feel free to add a comparison or contrast in the comments area.

Comparisons & Contrasts between cigarettes & books

Cigarettes can cause lung cancer.
Books can cause paper cuts.

Cigarettes cost $.70 to $5.50 a pack
Books vary between $1 and $100 for some text books.

Cigarettes come 20 to a pack.
Books come one at time unless it is a book of anthologies or an author's best of combined.

Cigarettes burn up in about 5 minutes
Books can be read for hours.

Cigarettes smell.
Some really old books do too.

Cigarettes have a quick stress fix.
Books - possible.

Cigarettes are burned.
Sometimes, books are too.

Cigarettes (smoking) are banned in restaurants.
(some) Books are banned in schools.

Once you buy cigarettes, most smokers pack 'em.
Before going to school, most students pack their books.

Cigarettes have nicotine.
Books do not.

Cigarettes cannot be resold.
Books can.

Cigarettes come in many varieties of brands.
Books do too.

You have to be 18 to buy cigarettes.
You can buy books before you are 18.

Cigarettes weigh around an ounce.
Books weigh more.

Cigarettes cause liter when thrown out a window.
Books would too - if thrown out a window.

Some cigarettes are best sellers.
Some books are best sellers.

You can buy cigarettes at gas stations.
There are few books sold in gas stations.

Smokers smoke outside coffee shops.
Readers read inside coffee shops.

Take your pick
Second hand smoke.
Second hand bookstores.

Does anyone smoke while they read?


Tiger1027 said...

Ciggarettes come in different flavors. Books have no taste. Now that is a selling point if you ask me!!! But nobody asks me.

The Rejection Queen said...

Hey, I like your blog. Funny post too lol

Renzer said...

ahh i like.
cigarettes can be habit forming (addictive)
books can be habit forming (i am soo addicted)

cigarettes say in fine print for ingrediants "may contain fillers"

books, contain fillers, known as fact or fiction.

Pooja Radia said...

Hahaha..! Classic one!

Anonymous said...

Who can smoke a cigarette in 5 minutes? They must be a super duper smoker. It usually takes me anywhere from 8 to ten minutes. (This is Shelly by the way - it's making me be anonymous)

Chad said...

I guess it takes Mike longer to smoke...