Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh brother, I just gained a brother...

This weekend was a very exiting and exhausting weekend. My sister got married!

First off, congratulations to my sister and her new husband Scott! It was so great to experience and be a part of your wedding!

It all started Thursday when I went to pick my tux from the rental place and a bridesmaid from the airport. We headed to Lincoln for a pizza party at my parents' house. It was an out-of-towers party.

Since bunch of bridesmaids crashed at my parents', I crashed at my friend Mike's house. (Thanks again Mike.)
Friday came quickly and I was off to help set up the reception dinner area with tables, chairs, and decorations.
The rehearsal went quickly and the dinner allowed me to catch up with some family I hadn't seen in a while.
I was given church keys to let people in on Saturday morning. My dad came later with my tux.
Once I was tux'd up, I was ready for a quick lunch and pictures. Hopefully I was able to smile with my eyes open. Eventually I'll put some pics on my MySpace.
At the last minute, I helped set up someone to video tape the wedding. Now that I have the tape, hopefully I can fix it up so people that couldn't make the wedding can see it.
I doubled as groomsman & usher and so it was great to see some other family and friends that I hadn't seen for awhile.

Just after 2:00pm... everyone stood as my dad ushered my sister down the aisle.
I was standing next to a 3 piece string trio, young kids with an overwhelming amount of talent.
My sister looked so beautiful in her wedding dress, as I knew she would. I hadn't I pictured her in it, even though I got a sneak peek while I was at my parents' house - of just the dress.
As usual, everyone has their eyes fixed on the bride and groom. I focused on the bride from my point of view – I couldn't see Scott well. And of course, the bride being my sister was hard to not be too emotional while up on stage -
or even seeing my dad walk her down the aisle. They exchanged smiles, vows, and rings. They were pronounced, kissed, and finally introduced as the Bentleys.
Angie & Scott ushered out the guests while the video I made played. After some sound issues, the video was playing just fine and I heard some compliments.
After more and more pics, we arrived at the reception hall. By then, we were all pretty hungry despite having food smuggled up to us as we waited to smile for the camera.
One of my fondest memories now is seeing my dad and Angie dance while they talked and laughed.
Speeches were made. Cake was served.
The wedding party changed clothes. Some to help put the reception area back to normal and the newlyweds to be off to their next destination. The cars packed with gifts. Hugs, crys, and goodbyes passed around.

I made it to my parents' house to help unload everything and was back to Omaha to crash.

Angie & Scott's FaceBook's still say engaged, so I really don't think it is official until it says "Married" on FaceBook.

4/23/08: It is official, it is on FaceBook!

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SarahC said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend -- glad it was good.