Thursday, March 06, 2008

What is the payoff?

Trying to coordinate cast, extras, crew/equipment, and locations at once to film even a short film is an undertaking - even for someone who has done it a few times.

Eric & I (RoomMate Productions) are each trying to finalize details of two separate short films. He is taking on one. I'm taking on the other.

I'm contacting the cast to get their schedules, contacting a few locations to see if and when we could film there. Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure how I can convince people to show up and be extras for a few hours. Meanwhile, the crew/equipment is up the air. Seems like I have backups of backups, but nothing solid.

What is the payoff of doing all this?
  • The payoff of having a great scene filmed.
  • The payoff of having a great short film complete.
  • The payoff of editing it together, adding in music, and watching the final film.
  • The payoff of having others see it, enjoy it, and be a part of it.
  • The payoff of collaborating with others with one goal in mind.
  • The payoff of seeing a screenplay come to life under my direction with willing actors and filmmakers.
  • The payoff of making new friends, laughing, and creating something from nothing.
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    Renzer said...

    you are one of the few people who can always create something from nothing, and make it a masterpiece!!!
    your blank canvas, ....may start off a mess, but ends up beautiful!