Sunday, March 02, 2008

My remote office...

I'm currently writing at my favorite remote office. I have assistants around to serve me coffee and other goodies. There are other "co-workers" at the coffee shop with their laptops, coffee, & pastries. They are all working on something, but I'm not sure what. Others just come in and leave with food and don't stay to 'work'.

I came to the 'office' today with the intention of working on plotting out my movie script, but I am feel'n a bit 'blocked' at moment.

Also, I wrote a rough draft of an exercise from Writing Without the Muse that my Wayne State pal Amy and I are taking on each week to keep us writing. This particular exercise centers around rewriting that favorite fairytale, The Three Bears from a different POV. Mine ended up being pretty funny (I think), but I'm not sure what Robert Southey would think. I'll post a link to my version later this week after some rewrites.

Also, I'm thinking about locations and reviewing the screenplay for "Table for Two" which is based on chapter one of Left Unsaid. RMP hopes to have this short film and another short film shot in the next two months.

Lastly, I'm going to be writing part 2 of 3 of a screenplay with a RMP alumni who just moved out to California. I wrote part one from this same office a week or so ago and it turned out pretty well!

That is a lot of projects, which allows me a chance to write consistently and live my top passion.

Well, it is after three, so I should say bye to my co-workers and assistants and head home for a nap!

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