Thursday, February 28, 2008

My presence is known...

It is raining in Omaha, cold sleet-like rain, but I ventured out to lunch anyway. As usual, my car found its way to the bookstore, nothing like front & center parking.

As I browsed the store in my usual posture of tilting my head to look at the book titles on the binder prior to judging the books by their covers, I passed one of the sales associates stocking and organizing the shelves.

"Excuse me," I said, making my way past him.
"No problem," he replied. Then he did a double take and added, "Come here often, don't cha?"
"Yep." I laughed on the inside, realizing that my presence in the bookstore is officially known by at least one person.
"Thanks for shopping," he said and went back to stocking the shelf.

I left the store without buying anything, but don't tell him that.

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