Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hi, my name is...

After seeing movie, "Hitch" on New Years with Mike & Kasey, we all thought 'speed dating' would be something I should check out. So, I went to a speed dating event tonight through Midwest Speed Dating.

Talk about making good first impressions. I had to make a bunch of first impressions, 10 to be exact. It was like going on 10 blind dates in one day, but without worrying about where to go eat or what to do. Everyone in my 'event group' was between the ages of 22-36.

I arrived at the Manhattan Club 'round 7, the 'event' didn't get started until 7:30. I left the club 'round 9 with my notes in my hand - awaiting an email that will provide me communication info if I marked "yes" and if she marked "yes". This way, no numbers being exchanged or rejection would occur.

There were 18 guys and 10 women, the odds were not in my favor. Of the 10 girls I met, only a few struck my interest. The host blew a whistle every 5 minutes. There were times where I was at a table by myself.

All the questions I had planned to ask went out of my head as soon as I walked in the door. I walked in the door in my best GQ threads and an optimistic attitude. (Yes Christi, I left my infamous trusty Omaha Film Festival shirt at home.)

I went from table to table, asking the women what seemed like random questions and answering their questions -
meanwhile sipping on a drink,
meanwhile observing how everyone is else doing (while on break),
meanwhile silently praying that I don't say or do something completely dumb,
meanwhile trying to ask insightful questions,
meanwhile trying not to look nervous,
meanwhile trying not to look nervous,
meanwhile trying not to look nervous,
meanwhile trying to be confident,
meanwhile trying to find a connection.
After all, it only takes one – right?

I wasn't sure how tonight was going to go (who ever really does know?), now that I have done it – I probably would still do it again if given the choice. It was a unique experience. So unique, that I'm sure this 'event' will find its way into my next book.

What's my next adventure? I'm not sure yet.

Tomorrow night I will find out if anyone I marked 'yes' to marked 'yes' to me.
Then I'll have to give 'em a call!

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha....I laughed my butt off when I read what you said about the Omaha Film Festival shirt. I am trying to remember if you wore that the first time we met lol. I sure know that almost every pic of you I took has you in that shirt...or in the blue polo with the blue undershirt that I got you. But seriously...if one day you go in your closet and that shirt is gone...its because I hired a local shirt "hitman" to do every woman in Omaha a favor ;) Love you bud!