Wednesday, December 13, 2006

She said compelling...

The fiction writers critique group was good tonight. Reassuring if you will. The place, date, and time changed, so not all the members could make it. Everyone reads two excerpts and critiques 'em. Well, the other writer couldn't make it tonight so it was 'Chad's night' sorta speak.

Each member took about five minutes to provide their comments both good and bad regarding the first few chapters of Left Unsaid.

Being a few versions into the rough draft, I expected more 'constructive' feedback, but instead I heard it was compelling with believable dialogue, and I consistently heard they were engaged and each had their own opinions of what drew them in. It was like listening to a group of people talked about aspects of movies they liked - which characters drove them nuts and which characters they empathized with. It was exciting and humbling to hear.

I believe my dire to write and continue onto write more with Left Unsaid has been refueled.

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