Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The moral of the story...

This morning I received a hug from a woman I've never met on my driveway at 8am.

Well, let me back up a bit...
The woman (we'll call her 'M') was at Wal*Mart at midnight with a friend, helping her do some digital photos prints.
They got to talking. They parted ways. 'M' went to bed.

'M' received a phone call from me at 7:45 to ask if she was missing a purse. My roommate had found a pink purse on our driveway. I looked through it to find the name and number, as I was sure she was worried about its location.

She wasn't aware it was missing, that is... until I called.

Five minutes later, in her PJs (I think), 'M' pulled into my driveway and looked through her purse and stated, "I had a lot of money, but it is gone. But all my gift certificates and credit cards are here, thank God. Thank you Chad. I'll bring over some treats sometime. Merry Christmas."

She was extremely grateful. I felt like a good Samaritan. She wished she could reward me right then, I told her to 'pay it forward'.

The moral of the story. Keep a good grip of your purse while Christmas shopping.

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