Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend in review...

(For those that care!)

After work on Friday, I headed to Lincoln. I dropped by The Book Warehouse at the outlet mall and found Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. A $6 book with 40% off - the store is going out of business.

I dropped by Mike and Kasey’s to see them and the Godson and drop off some pics. Then it was off to meet my parents for dinner and end up dropping by my Grandma’s new apartment. She keeps moving in the retirement home, I think she plans to live in each apartment there. She gave me two of Gramp’s watches and one of his hats.

Saturday morning I was able to sleep in for the first time in awhile... I had breakfast with the parents and headed to my aunt’s for some homemade ice cream and to see her new house. Wow! My parents took off and I headed to Natalie’s to talk to her about life after the wedding and to use up my last roll of film on her daughter (aka Goofball).

Sunday at church, we heard some stories from the results of the parable of the talents. Next week we’ll learn how much money was raised.
Sunday night was Bert, it was cool to see a local movie using local actors (of which I knew many) surrounded in the audience by those actors & actresses. Eric played a cop, so RMP went and some of RMP's past co-crew members!

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Hmmm, I could have sworn you had something else going on over the weekend ;) -Jenn