Monday, August 07, 2006

His life was complete...

A co-worker and a good friend Alan VanErt passed away over the weekend. He was 47. This was unexpected...

He was a brilliant guy with a love for filmmaking, audio engineering, and ministry. His work on Earth was done and God brought Alan home.
Some may say, "His life was cut short."
I say, "His life was complete."

He will be greatly missed at work. We went to lunch a few times a month.

(A memorial service will be held for Alan at 10 AM Saturday morning at Trinity Church on 156th and Dodge St.)

When close friends and relatives pass on – we often take a step back and review what is important about life.
Working 40+ hours for 'the man'?
Spending time with family (extended family too)
Spending time with ‘vital friends’.
Serving others by volunteering?
Searching for the meaning of life?
Growing closer to God?

I believe in "The Book of Questions" is a question that asks, "if today was your last day... what would you do?"

Live Like You Were Dying
by Tim McGraw


Anonymous said...

Thoughts are with you!

Anonymous said...


I received an e-mail from a friend from Lincoln Nebraska regarding Alan VanErt's passing this past weekend. I was glad to find your blog regarding his death, and most importantly to me the reason for his passing. I didn't remember that he had a heart condition.

Alan and I were good friends and ministry associates with the Living Word Singers from 1992 - 1995 in Lincoln Nebraska. Regretfully we did not keep in touch once I married and moved to Las Vegas, NV in 1999.

Alan was extraordinary in his ability to draw people both to himself and to the Lord. He had an extremely charasmatic personality and I am sad to hear that he is no longer with us on earth. He was a powerful singer, speaker, and evangelist for Christ.

I join you in your expression of grief at Alan's early passing. I know he is rejoicing and singing with the Lord today.