Monday, March 20, 2006

One word: Snow...

Snow falling on Omaha. It is March 20th? What in the world? Global warming? Simple fact that I live in Nebraska?
I made it into work safe today… only to find a series of emails from friends and family asking if I made it. I had time to stop off at a gas station for a pop to bring into work. My $5 bill is for the cafeteria downstairs at noon. I’m already hungry.

Sure I would have liked to work from home, my tasks these days would have allowed it. My calendar is blank for today. Although, today I’m printing off trees of things I need to read and highlight – as if I’m back at college again. I’m reading up on eBay, Froogle, Google Base, and MSN Expo.

This weekend wasn’t exactly productive. The re-shoot we were going to do didn’t work out (technical difficulties). I did however get a ‘ton ‘o’ stuff’ organized in my room and I started reading my 3am book (cheer for me). The print in the book is small – hurts the eyes, but reading the back of the book made me glad I bought it. It is just what I need. It is a series of ‘writing exercises’ so occasionally you can bet you’ll find my ‘exercise’ on this blog.

This week is crazy. Tonight is ‘24’ of course and "How I met Your Mother", tomorrow is Scrubs, Wednesday is a meet & greet and script read through of Echo Factory Productions’ “Hero” or “Hostage” or “who knows what we’ll call it” and the rest of the week is the Omaha Film Festival. Sometime, I’ll have to shoot down to Lincoln. My cousin and his wife will be there with my uncle and other cousin, plus it wouldn’t hurt to see the parental units, friends and their kids, and my grandparents. Who knows, maybe I’ll see what is in the fridge – although, my mom always sends me home with something ‘yummy’!

Overheard at my office...
"Who is printing all this?"
(me) "Me"

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