Sunday, December 11, 2005

What they taught me...

I saw a blog post like this the other day and sent it to myself in hopes that I would fill it out for those who are influence to me.

It is a work in progress.

I know I've left out some people and I'm sure I've left out so many lessons learned. But it is a start and I will continue to add to it.
What I've learned from those I've known...

From some family members:
From my Pop, I’ve learned that you can still be and act like a kid in your 50s and that indeed motorcycles are fun to ride! I know I can always count on you.
From my Mom, I’ve learned to love unconditionally as well as wish and see the best in everyone.
From my Sister, I’ve learned that you can step on faith and walk higher and know God stronger than you can comprehend. That sometimes you just have to share the blue cup and you can't always get root beer.
From my late Grandma B, I learned that it is possible to live years as a widow and memories of your late husband can bring a smile.
From my late Grandpa B, I learned that you taught my dad many great things that he passed to me.
From my late Grandpa (Gramp) S, I’ve learned that even without college, you can teach yourself how to write computer programs that work and that are fun to play as a kid.
From my late Grandma (Gram) S, I’ve learned that if it needs to be done, you are the one to make sure of it and while you are at it, you are helping as many people as possible. I've learned that it is possible to read incredibly small handwriting.
From my cousin Drew, I’ve learned that if you like something enough, you can go to school for it and get a job doing it.
From my cousin Ashley, I’ve learned that even after four years of college, you can continue to education yourself and pursue what you want.
From my cousin Lisa, I’ve learned that dreaming of one occupation never dies.
From my cousin Alex, I’ve learned that at such a young age and still a bit of shyness, you can meet someone and get married.

From my male friends:
Mike, I’ve learned that living on your own from very young age can make you mature quicker and despite all the hardships you have endured, you can come out on top.
Dan, I’ve learned that it is possible to teach yourself guitar and be really good at it.
Eric, I’ve learned that you can be married, hold a job, and dream of acting and ‘somehow’ make it all work. I've learned that improv can always keep us entertained.
Jonathan, I’ve learned that getting married and having kids can have a dramatic change in your life. I've learned that quoting that same line from that movie can still make us laugh.
Jon, I’ve learned if you love Alaska and being cold then you can be happy and that 'missions' never die.
Justin, I’ve learned that you can go after an 'office hottie', win her heart and marry her.
Adam, I’ve learned how to make updates to my site without you. I’ve learned that being a daddy is one of the greatest jobs in the world.
Josh, I’ve learned that you can meet Ms. Right, leave a "secure" job, find a new career, get married, and move to a new state and have the support of family and friends. (Bender bucks are going to be worth something someday)
Shawn, I've learned that some people die young. That you can be happy and dirty (muddy) all the time. That you can break your leg on a four-wheeler and that is what helps you study so you can store high on a journeymen's test.

From my female friends:
Kasey, I’ve learned that there are more talented writers out there that I can learn from. I've learned that aparently - I can be too cheesy.
Natalie, I’ve learned that being a single mom can be tough and overcoming the obstacle of hearing loss, you can raise a very smart little girl, maintain relationships, get married, and attend school.
Angela, I’ve learned that you have the ability to put up with Eric when I can no longer take it. I’ve learned that it is possible to always have a smile and a genuine, "how are you?" despite how your day is going.
Amy R., I’ve learned where I can go to for bottom-less encouragement and constant positive thinking. I’ve learned I can openly share my daily Diet Dr. Pepper count.
Amy D., I’ve learned that being a teacher is tougher than I can imagine, but a love for kids carries you through. And, the "why why why" factor. You can always bury Amy behind Berry.
Jenn, I've learned to enhance the value I put in friends. I’ve learned that it is possible to be so obsessed with a color that you buy books because the cover is pink.
Jessie, I've learned that dreams of moving to New York can change when you meet a farmer at a wedding and fall in love.
Becky, I've learned that small things in life are just as exciting as the bigger things and I should always be happy for what I have. I've learned to always try something knew.
Christi, I've learned that some people where meant to be moms. I’ve learned that some people are good at ‘racing’ at Julio’s.

Friends' kids:
Meghan, I’ve learned and I’m reminded of how much fun reading is and that creating stories at 7 or 27 takes drive and in ‘the end’ we can both have smiles on our faces.
Ashley, I’ve learned that I am in fact, a human jungle gym and someone so little can love and be loved by so many people.
Payton & Lillian, I've only met you once, so I haven't learned anything yet.
Alec, I’ve learned that even though we haven’t known each other that long, you treat me just as you’ve know me your entire life.
Breckin, I’ve learned that being a Godparent is an important ‘hat’ that I wear with pride and look forward in the years to come.
Alyssa, I’ve learned that even though you don’t say much, your many face expressions are all worth 1,000 words.
Joel, I look forward to the lessons you'll teach.
Novie, I've learned that even with birthday cake on your face,
people will still think you are cute and still take your picture.
Lenka, I've learned that my job as your Godfather is important and
seeing you smile and laugh defines precious!
Gabe, I’ve learned that despite being under 5, you are smarter than some kids in school and seem to have a better memory than I do, although you still insist that everything happened last weekend.
Noah, I’ve learned that it is possible to watch the same movie over and over again and still love that "Nemo." Also, I learned that on Halloween, a lion can have a light saber.

From others who have influenced me:
Joe, I’ve learned that if God calls you to leave a church after 12 years and move to another state to start a new church and bring your family with you, that you can do it and persevere.

Justin B, I’ve learned that you can follow your dream of being a musician and moving to Nashville and despite all your obstacles, you are making it happen one step at a time.

Past, present, and future:
From my past, I’ve learned that some friends come and go, but those listed above will be with me for a long time.
From my present, I’ve learned that despite not being married, I can be happy being busy and bettering myself.
And from my future, I’ve learned that I have much to learn and as long as my friends and family are by my side, I will be okay.

Thank you all for the life lessons that can't be taught in school, but taught through time and effort in maintaining relatioships through the craziness of life.

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