Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekend in review...

Friday, I took it easy and watched "3 Wishes".
Saturday, I slept in and did some Christmas shopping. I worked more on my Christmas letter that night. (Are you on the edge of your seat about Sunday? I bet you are)
Sunday, I ran some errands and met up with a guy through myspace that is looking to make a film. He is a writer and I read both scripts he wants to turn into films, both are really well done. I’m going to point him in the right direction as much as I can, I’m not sure how involved I’ll be in these projects. I have another project I’m gearing up for as well. My work in that will mostly be scripting, which is the whole reason I got into film. After that who knows. I think 'life' (and Left Unsaid) will resume after the premiere.
That night I sat down for a nice two hour "Extreme Makeover : Home Edition"!

I ‘attempted’ to work on the website redesign yesterday, but got no where. I had a headache. I have a template file & a css file to focus on making the old files fit the new design. I’ve never done this before, but by doing it the way I am… I think (and hope) my understanding will increase. After those are ‘set’, the rest of the site will be easy to complete.

Crazy, this is probably the first weekend I didn’t watch a movie.
Oh yeah, I wrote a blog about what I learned from my family and friends. It will be a never ending work in progress.

The guy’s song I’m using in “Silence” signed off on permission to let me use it. Sure, it was used in “Halfway Point”, but it fits here too.

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