Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday again...

After work on Friday, I took it easy and relaxed and watched "Wimbledon". Not a bad little film - sure made me want to go out and play tennis.
Getting the actors to play professional-looking tennis proved much more difficult than anticipated. Eventually, it was decided to film them performing the strokes and digitally add the ball afterwards.
Saturday morning my neck was still sore from more than a week of some type of pinched nerve. I canceled my morning workout at Golds.

I eventually got up and dressed to be a 'mourner' on the set of Extreme Films' latest film "Shadowboard".

Sunday, I missed church and didn't find any religion at Mendards getting some deck stain & fertilzer. My Pop showed up and we got to work staining the deck. It became a bigger job than we both realized. I even had to run to Menards for another gallon of stain - I looked aweful: stained clothes, hair, shoes. After we finished, I wiped up some dinner with stainless hands. I grabbed some carmel apples so my dad & I ended our day of work with that. Yummm... I even fertilized my lawn in the mean time.

So, a shout out to my dad for coming up to help me! Ahh, the joys of having your own house.
Oh yeah - I'd like to give a shout out to 'my' little Goofball (Meghan) - she turned 7 today. She's a smart little one.

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