Monday, October 03, 2005

How many different drinks?

I just had this realization that in a day, I drink a variety of different beverages.

For instance, this morning (bullet points - why not?):
  • I had a water with my morning medicine.
  • I took my excedrian with some cherry Coke – sounded good.
  • Then I had some milk with my cereal.
  • I had a little bit of tomato juice.
  • On the way to work, I had some orange juice.
  • Now I’m having my weekly frappuccino.
  • Later today I’ll have a diet Sunkist & probably a diet Dr. Pepper in between refills of water.
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    constance said...

    Yeah, I think about this a lot! (seriously!). If we are meant to drink 8 glasses of water a day right? Plus milk for calcium, tea for antioxidants, etc etc..... i can honestly say that anyone who did that would be pissing like a racehorse!!!