Thursday, September 29, 2005

1 down – 2 to go...

The three RMP editors signed off on “Laundromat” for the Kevin Smith “Show Us Your Shorts” short film competition.
I’ll be working with Adam to tweak some audio on “Silence”.
All three of us will work on “Kitty Cats & Exit Signs” over the next to months. I’m still trying to find music for the soundtrack.

After work today, the marketing team is playing tech in flag football. This should be interesting. Marketing won last year so we plan to beat them again this year. I didn’t play last year, I don’t recall why. I was drafted this year. But I think if people knew how bad I am at football, they’d bench me which is fine. I’d rather play tennis.

Tomorrow is Eric & Angie’s 5th anniversary. So happy (early) anniversary to them (they occasionally read this blog). I’ve known Eric for almost 10 years now and Angie since sometime in college. It has been interesting for me to watch those two kids go from friends – to dating – to now a 5th year wedding bliss. It makes me wonder what year/decade my fifth year anniversary will be with my future Mrs. “Right”. Until then, I have a ‘couple’ goals to complete.

On Saturday, Extreme Films is shooting on Saturday at a cemetery for their short film, “Shadow Board”. It will be nice to show up and not worry about directing, equipment, or location management. I’ll help out if I need to since they were the crew for our last two films.

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Angela Dwight said...

Thanks for the anniversary wishes! :) Want to go out to dinner with us to celebrate? Just kidding!!