Thursday, August 11, 2005


After picking up my roommate from the airport, Eric & I sat down and mulled over about forty auditions to select “Justin” & “Stephanie” for “Silence”.

We were able to fast forward past a few that auditioned for Extreme Films. (Thanks to Lou & Bob for putting the audition tape on DVD, copying the contact forms, and scanning the headshots).

We narrowed it down (separately) to our top four for "Justin" & four for "Stephanie". We don’t talk much while watching it, we make our own notes. We found this effective in the past as we usually choose the same people for the same parts. As we compared notes, we found we were pretty close to agreeing on who we think should play what. We called Adam & Jesse and they agreed. We always have a second choice backup, but as always – we never have to call them. Either people really want to act or they think RoomMate Productions is awesome!

I’m very excited to see the first chapter of Left Standing on the big screen. I showed the pics of the cast to a woman at work who has read my book several times (editing & final draft) and she said, “perfect”!

Filming will take place at the end of the month – I have some serious storyboarding to do, but I’m very excited to see how this will turn out!

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