Wednesday, August 10, 2005

10 things every single man must own...

Want to impress the ladies with your great taste in home décor and more? Skip the leather couch and silk boxers and buy these bachelor essentials:

1. A top-notch coffee/espresso maker (does my roommate's count?)
2. A lamp in your bedroom (it is in my living room)
3. Swiffer Sweeper + Swiffer Cloths + Swiffer Wet Cloths
4. A comfortable couch

5. Nice underwear
6. A key-ring that can fix, cut, and open anything
7. $150+ jeans (huh?)
8. $200+ dress shoes (what?)
9. 300-thread-count cotton sheets (I'll have to count)
10. The Joy of Cooking

1 comment:

Adam said...

I have all but the expensive clothes and I don't know about the sheets...does that count?