Wednesday, August 10, 2005


  • After a week in Montana fishing, my roommate returns today. He’s using my taxi service to pick him up from the airport this afternoon. I will bet I will be having fish in the next few days.
  • Once I get home, Eric (and maybe Adam) and I will review footage from the auditions to choose our cast for “Silence”.
  • Last night I took it easy with a movie, some McDonalds, & some dishes. I met one of two neighbors.
  • The rest of the week is packed with organizing, movie stuff, house stuff, & hopefully Left Unsaid.
  • I had the munchies this morning & raided the vending machine. My eye picked up on the Skittles : Smoothie Mix - Not bad – I had some and will save more for later.
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    Adam said...

    Smoothie flavored skittles???!!!? who thinks that crap up?