Sunday, July 10, 2005

Left Unsaid - a start...

Chapter 1 - Paragraph 1 & 2 - Revised

Jonathan was sitting on his laz-y-boy sipping his second can of beer watching the Monday night game in his den, or as he referred to it, his lair. Dorito crumbs littered his beer stained Chicago Bears sweatshirt. His wife, Adrienne knocked softly. Without him signaling her in, she quietly approached him anyway. She placed herself between him and the television. His attention was interrupted, luckily for her it was a commercial. His eyes moved upwards, trying to pick her face out of the darkness. His head never moved. Adrienne straightened her arms and tried to intertwine her fingers. Jonathan had been looking long enough to catch a glimpse of her emotionless face, moments later he could barely see her at all. She had repositioned her stance closer to the television to block his view of it as well as her. She bit her lip and searched for the right way to tell him what she had been thinking about for months. Too many things had gone left unsaid. She wanted to be the first to speak; to beat him to his usual, “what?”

The words that followed sounded awful coming out of her mouth, but she didn’t know any other way to say it. “Honey, I don’t love you anymore.” She didn’t know why she addressed him as “Honey”, she hadn’t called him that in the two years they were married. Maybe something to soften the blow she thought.

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