Sunday, July 10, 2005

5 more days...

Friday night I packed some stuff. Eric & I watched a bit of True Calling and prepared to send "Halfway Point" to some film festivals.

Saturday I headed to Lincoln - the 'fam' jumped in the car and met my uncle, cousin, and another aunt at BK. My uncle has been the dentist in Madison for 25 years. (I feel old, I was at his graduation.) So my dad and aunt went in and got him 15 minutes in an old refurbished WWII fighter jet. My uncle chipped in for another 15 minutes. The plane was cool... two seater and blue. My sources tell me he flew to Lincoln and back and even got to take control part of the time too. That would be awesome to do and maybe one of these days I'll do it too. We all headed to DQ for debriefing (of his mission) and of course... ice cream. (yumm)

My aunt and uncle gave me a gift certificate for tool type stuff for the house and my sister found a maintenance for dummies book! (perfect combo)

That night was dinner with the grandparents. I drove back to Omaha and hit the grocery store - trying to buy only items I'll need for this week and some 'stuff' for the new place. (I hope Friday comes quick)

I had a really vivid dream that I was back living on the dorms of Wayne State College, but they were actually motels and nobody told us. In another dream, I was dating a girl from work, but looked different since she had gotten a bunch of tatoos. (weird I know)

I'm having breakfast now... about ready for church. Maybe I'll see 'her' maybe I won't. (Christi - stay posted)

My sister bought a copy of Left Standing (thanks Angie) and I signed it. I haven't autographed one for awhile. (boo hoo)

This afternoon is filming. Filming on Saturday was canceled due to an actress couldn't make it. After filming is laundry and packing. (Really interesting to know that I'm sure.)

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