Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Scary night...

I just had my lowest blood sugar level ever. 55 (around 30 is very dangerous, I should always be above 70.). Yikes. I was sleeping. I was sweating. My heart was beating rapidly.

I "shouldn't" have been this low... I went to bed higher than average and took the long lasting injection to slowly lower my #.
I woke up. Thank GOD. Checked my level - somehow. I was shaking so bad. I'm still shaking.
I went into the kitchen to realize I have no fast acting sugar type food or drink. I threw some hot water into a pitcher and put a frozen OJ into it. But I knew I wouldn't be able to wait that long.
I had a container of fruit punch flavored glucose tablets that did the trick, although not very fast. I threw as many into my mouth as I could.
I was still shaking and even sweatier.

I walked out to the dining room and slowly tumbled to the floor. I'm not sure how long I was there.
I came to, somehow got up - made my orange juice.
I'm shaking less, but making a mental note of things to buy to have if this happens again.

I need to call my doctor. Even the insulin I took is old and shouldn't be 100% potent - I guess you would say. Weird.

Scary stuff I tell you. But don't worry, this is the first time in four months this has happened. Actually, I needed this to happen. To know that I can wake myself up while sleeping, to know what it feels like while sleeping - to recognize it. My dad does that. Although, the first time my dad didn't wake himself up. He made weird noises while sleeping which woke the house (10 years ago). That was scary and I'm not sure what caused him to do so. I don't even know how low he would have been. I've always wondered.

Okay, I'm back to normal, it is 12:47.

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