Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Once again...

Once again I finished editing Left Standing. I am pleased (lack of a better word) at the changes I found and made. Yes, I know I could spend the rest of my life editing.

So, I’m sending my new manuscript to be reformatted today over lunch. They will reformat it - hopefully by Friday, I’ll have the weekend to look over the new format and make any last changes (hopefully none, but I won’t be that lucky).
2-3 weeks later, my book (the second edition) will be available.

While I gear up (again) for marketing & promotions – I’ll be working on “Laundromat” and preparing for “Kitty Cats & Exit Signs”. (I’m too tired to hyperlink)

Last night, my sugar level was okay, probably too high, so I’ll adjust again tonight.

Nothing like staying up until 11 and getting to work the next day at 7, so I can leave at 5 to go to a concert! I can’t wait! A person must always have something to look forward to (besides the weekends).

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