Sunday, January 02, 2005

Left Standing is (almost) done!!!

I spent most all of day one of 2005 editing "Left Standing". I finished my acknowledgments and dedication as well. Author bio is a bit tricky. What can I say?

After the preface, I am having another page with this quote:
"On the journey to find ourselves and happiness - we are left standing amidst change"

After church today I'll be reading it one last time with a fresh look. I feel somewhat of a relief, I am concerned about typos that I overlooked 20 times as well as all the editors I've had review this.

Once I read through, I am logging onto and sending it.
Since I already have my book cover done, it should be out before mid-March (I hope) - then again, I originally wanted to be done with this book on my birthday (last may). Things always take longer, but it will be worth it. The version back then vs now is very different, the version now is so much better!

As it is being printed, I can put together my marketing plan to market the crap out of the book and at least break even from the self-publishing cost.

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Wow - whatta relief, huh?!