Monday, January 03, 2005

Editing woes...

Alas, I was up until midnight editing left standing. After reading it from a printout and making my marks and changing those marks on the computer – I still made a ton of additional changes as I was reading through it via computer. It is amazing to still find errors after reading it for the 20th time. I was so close, but this way – I am more comfortable knowing there are less typos. At least having that promo drove me to finish or come near close.

So, I missed the deadline for the promo – but there will be another (soon) or I can see if I can work out something with them. I emailed my contact at iuniverse. It will be submitted this week.

I just learned that I just like to use the word 'just' a lot. I ran a find for the word and deleting many of them – didn’t need them.
Same with the word 'very' – really doesn’t add all that much.

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