Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I’m debating getting my own domain name...
Currently, I have some stuff on – but having my own domain would be cool.
The hosting company where I have & called Out of the Mold does a great job.

I think once my book is out there in the world and if by chance it spreads like wild fire, I’d like to have my own author site like Nicolas Sparks or Max Lucado.

My next two books "Left Unsaid" or "Red Light" (DO NOT go to have (.com) domains that are taken already. I'd rather update one site than a site for each book anyway. Makes more sense financially too.

Search engine optimization is a different story - but I think I could make it work!


Adam said...

.com's are on sale for $7.95/year right now!

-KL said...

Would that be 'spreads like wild FIRE', instead of flower?! =) I think your own domain would be cool!

Chad said...

yes - in my head i thought 'fire' but wrote 'flower' - talk about every writer's nightmare and not catching something like that - thanks!