Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Day Two...

I really wanted to watch “Wicker Park” last night, but will save it for later – I have much to do.
I took a break from day two of editing to watch “Scrubs”.
Besides each chapter leaving the main character, another character, or several characters “left standing” the last sentence will be one last internal thought... so far it is working out! It really makes a unique impact!

Last night, about 1am - I got up & wrote something on the notepad on my nightstand. Thank goodness I wrote it down & I could read it this morning.
It was a really cool thought I’m going to add one of my chapters. I’d include it here, but it wouldn’t make any sense since you haven't read the book. Sorry.

And yet... somehow - I have to find time to promote RMPfest.

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