Friday, January 09, 2009


I feel like being random.

Thanks for all the comments on "Gram's Dash".

I spent too much of yesterday in front of the computer. No surprise, but after a day like yesterday - early to work and late at work and then home to my side webmaster job - I feel like one of these days my eyes are going to pop out.

Therefore, this weekend could/should be less revolved around the computer. This reminds me of my 2008 Christmas letter that was written, but never sent. A Christmas Intervention.

Work is extremely busy at the moment as we go through a name change, a website re-launch, and an array of aggressive marketing tactics. I enjoy it, don't get me wrong - just busy.

Post-Christmas gifts that have been used including gift cards and consumed and thank you letters finalized.
Post-New Years resolutions have been set, 2008 has only briefly been reflected on
Post-Gram's passing & memorial service, not sure it has really hit me yet that I won't see her until God calls me home

This year will include my 32nd birthday, the fourth year in my house, the fifth year being diabetic, the first year in my new job, the first year celebrating all the May birthdays without Gram. Hopefully writing 'The End' to my second book and many other significant dates that will stand out this year.

There is much to accomplish, but like one of my favorite quote says:
"Do you want a safe life or an authentic one?"

I'll take authentic, leaving a legacy in written word and memories.

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