Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life of Chaos...

An unorganized & chaotic life seems to creep on me from time to time.

I'm not married nor do I have kids, yet I seem as busy as everyone else married w/kids.

An ultimate to-do list pops into head every time I think, Oh yeah, I need to get that done too. Nothing new, it happens to us all. It seems like I keep thinking of more and more. No worries, I won't list everything here, I don't have time to write it and you sure don't have time to read it or need to read it. However, I should write it all down (somewhere) soon before I forget. That is only step one. I even have an organizer program on my computer, but I can't keep up with it or I should say, it can't keep up with me when I keep needing to add to it.

I then of course jokingly think I need to hire a personal assistant. But even if I hand them my list, they would need so much additional information that I would end up taking so much time explaining it all. Cloning myself isn't available yet.

Some items have been on my list for months, so obviously they aren't priorities, but they would make life much easier. Hmm - I wonder if a BlackBerry would make my life easier.

If you are reading this (thanks) and are well organized, what is your secret?

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Anonymous said...

My Outlook's tasks and calendar. Everything goes in there and keeps me relatively sane. :)