Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crash Into Me...

I've never been a huge fan of the Dave Matthews Band. DM's voice is an acquired one, however, his guitar work is top notch.

I have his live acoustic CD with Tim Reynolds - Live at Luther College and an EP. I am familiar with many of his songs.

Tuesday night, I went with my roommate to the Qwest Center to see DMB as a last minute fill in for an extra ticket he had. I wouldn't have normally gone, but I've heard great things about Dave's live show and I knew if I didn't go now, I never would.

Singer songwriter Ingrid Michaelson opened. I've heard a few of her songs. Her harmony with her backup singers was ear candy.

Dave and his band came on and played for almost 3 hours, including encore. The band's violinist was incredible. I will always love the sound of an acoustic guitar, but the violin playing was up there! Our seats were far back, so our view may have not been great, but the sound was what I expected. There were a few a cameras going so I could watch the musicians up close. The lead guitarist had a serious look on his face the entire time, but he could rock! The drummer had a smile glued to his face and never missed a beat and at the same time, contributing backup vocals. There was a lot more music playing that singing. Some songs went on and on and never seemed to end. Not a complaint, just describing the night's performance.

My only complaint is that they didn't perform "The Space Between" or "Warehouse".

Review: Dave Matthews Band jams out at Qwest
By Kevin Coffey (World-Herald Staff Writer)

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