Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm no hero...

Since my car is in the shop getting some new brakes, I got a loaner car which I didn't feel like driving over lunch. It is a car I'd have if I were in my 70s, plus the brakes on that car aren't that great - ironically.

So, I ventured to Wal*Mart (Adam: read Target) to grab some lunch and see how many things I can avoid buying. Also, I wanted to see some of the damage the store took from Saturday night's storm.

As usual, I ventured over to the electronics section. Sure enough they had a Guitar Hero demo set up. Since few people were around, I picked up the guitar, selected easy, and began performing Even Flow by Pearl Jam live like a rock star.

A minute later, I sensed someone was watching me, so I concentrated a bit more to 'show off'. So then, this guy I've never met before says to me in the middle of my crowd surfing performance, "You don't play this much do you?" By the tone in his voice, I knew it was more of a statement than a question. (As if the fact that I was missing notes on easy wasn't obvious enough.) I played a bit more to prove my worthiness, but ended up feeling smaller by the second.

He looked a bit younger than me, looked a bit nerdy, but nothing else stood out about him.

He picked up the guitar, proceeded to select the hard level and (pretend not to) show me up. Oddly enough, he missed a ton of notes, I thought he was going to get tossed off the stage, but he found his groove and he did quite well.

I eventually left to go cry in the DVD aisle.

I got to wondering then, if this is one of those guys that goes to public stores where they have guitar hero demos to hopefully play it and show off his talents. He may consider using it to pick up girls, assuming he can master the complex levels.

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