Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One Presidential Term...

I don't usually blog about my job, but today I will.

Four years ago I started at the same company I still work at today. I've worked my way around the marketing department while keeping the term 'marketing' in my job title in some form or another.

I started out doing pay-per-click advertising, reporting and email marketing and eventually the affiliate program.
I then moved onto search engine optimization (still did reporting) and then rejoined the affiliate program.
I then moved solely to the affiliate program and took on our product listings on eBay, eventually shedding reporting.
Now I am currently involved in affiliate program, eBay, and now content related website generation.

All in all I have learned a ton about website building and online marketing these last four years.
I'm a dinosaur at this company; very few people have been here longer than I have.

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