Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A flu shot and a massage...

Work had a health fair today. Various companies came out to talk about health stuff.

I got my flu shot too.
I also got a massage that I had signed up for a 11:43 time slot with one of the four massage therapists they brought in.

A flu shot and a massage...
One raised my blood pressure, the other lowered it.
One took three seconds, the other took five minutes.
One involved a needle, the other involved two strong hands.
One had a long line, the other surprisingly didn't.
One didn't have a business card, the other gave me hers.
One will help me fight a potential flu, the other... won't.


Renzer said...

Such.. a thing we call life. love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, who said Massage can't help prevent the flu. It helps keep you relaxed and it can help boost the immune system!!

But heck, I'll forgive ya! :)

I am glad to hear that you got a massage!