Monday, June 25, 2007

To bookstore or not to bookstore...

Many of you know that I'm into book shopping, specifically bargain book shopping. My bookshelves overflow. I own more books than I have read. I probably have loaned out more books than I have read. Something about owning a book that I may potentially read one day drives this so-called passion of mine. I own many Max Lucado books plus most all of the books from the Left Behind series. And I own most of the books that you can find in the writer's instruction reference section of any bookstore.

I claim I'll stop buying books until I've read all that I have – this doesn't happen.
I was at Parables this weekend and came across about twenty more books that looked interesting to me – to my surprise (and yours) I left empty-handed.

There are a few used bookstores in Omaha that I venture to every now and then. A book I've wanted for $2 bucks is quite a deal.

I few weekends ago I spent more than an hour and less than $20 at Borders, I picked up a valuable book called, The Writer's Book of Wisdom.

This leads me to Sunday's trip to the library. I broke down and got a library card. With it, I picked up a book on writing, one on publishing, an audio book of On Writing by Steven King, and Kingdom Come - the recent Left Behind book that I can listen to – to and from work.

With all that being said, the library has some books I own. Had I gone to the library, I could have picked it up, not paid for it, and probably read it before I had to take it back.

This will help me in buying less books, therefore less bookshelves – as busy as I am, I don't have much time to read – nor am I that big of a reader. So with that said, I'm not sure why I'm a book-obsessed man.

The library on 90th and Dodge has a book sale about every other month. $1-$2 books. Buying a book at full-price isn't right, unless you are buying a copy of Left Standing or maybe Demon by Tosca Lee or a new Max Lucado book.

Don't get me started on my book wish list on Amazon...

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