Friday, June 29, 2007


While running errands over lunch today, I was stopped at a stop light behind a yellow school bus full of second graders (I'd say). It just struck me as odd since school is out. Anyway, there were about 5 girls and 2 boys at the very back of the bus. They were waving at all the cars they could see. Finally, one of the blond girls spotted me and got the attention of her other friends. They all huddled together and started waving at me. I became rather embarrassed and self-aware since the people in the car to my left were observing the interaction between the 7 kids and I.

Then, they (the kids) tossed out the peace sign as the bus went through the light. A 'sign' I haven't seen or used in quite some time. I of course waved back, I didn't want to be rude, ya know?

Instantly, I flashed back to the days when I was that age, on a field trip - waving at every car I could spot. Although, I don't recall giving the peace sign.

The cycle of waving continues.

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