Monday, January 01, 2007

New year day one...

I did the 'writer thing' today by going to Borders with my laptop. I picked up a book ("100 Things Every Writer Needs to Know" by Scott Edelstein) and a latte.

I sat down to flip through the book while sipping my latte. Mr. Edelstein provides some good tips for writers from everything from writer's block to things to keep in mind while trying to get your work published.

Finally (the reason I came), I starting reading through what I had written of Left Unsaid. It had been awhile since I've worked on it (which is both good and bad). I found myself laughing at some things I didn't remember writing. I made some tweaks here and there and finally (finally) started writing, 'what comes next'...

A co-worker decided January 1, 2007 would be the day he begins writing his book. I'll ask him tomorrow how far he has gotten.

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