Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 in review...

The year (as all years) brought some highs and lows:

High: A second sold out RoomMate Productions' film premiere. Another great after party.
High: Met & dated Jenn and became a kid again as her boys begged me to play Star Wars & hide-and-go-seek
High: Celebrated my third year at the same company
High: Celebrated turning 29 with friends
High: Inherited a kitty from Jenn
High: Passed my first year in my home (one year of not paying rent)
High: Got a nice camera off eBay for $20!
High: Connected with some long lost friends via MySpace!
High: Became a Godfather for the second time
- - -
Low: Gramp passed away
Low: Had a two day visit at the hospital
Low: Relationship with Jenn didn’t work
Low: Jenn moved to Georgia


Anonymous said...

Hi Chad
Strange how one website known as myspace can reconnect with lost friends. I was so skeptical to sign up for myspace and then when I did I found out where you are and what you are up too. I hope you have a wonderful New Year and take care. Keep in touch!
Long lost friend from WSC!

Jennifer Paulk Baker said...

You blogged about Bella!!! I'm so happy. I think you forgot a 'high' though...Although things didn't work out with us as a couple...we are the best of friends...that's a pretty good thing I think. I hope this year brings many good things for you, you are a WONDERFUL man, and don't let anyone tell or convince you otherwise.

love and hugs,