Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My new addiction...

I spent the last few weeks hitting Barnes & Noble over lunch, mainly for the bargain books – but all books in general.

Over lunch today, I was near an Office Max and since I like the idea of having my own home office, I now feel the need to accessorize galore – regardless of the fact the company I work for has a handful of office supply type products.

Today, I picked up a planner (yes, I know it is May already), but I finally found a need for it since I have all these dates to remember.
Note: my Palm Pilot still isn’t talking to my computer and an ‘open item’ electronic planner I bought is missing an important component.
So, as I said I broke down and bought a cheap pocket planner (can’t afford a secretary yet) that I’ll actually have to write in. Wish me well on my way to an organized life.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chad
Remember I am an Office Technology Management Minor :) Thought about being a secretary at one time, how much do you pay? HEE HEEE!!! Bec